Joep Bergmans



Joep Bergmans´ expressive paintings take two directions, one he calls Contrasts and the other Fragments. In Contrasts he works with colour segments whose surface structure and paint treatment strongly differ but, in all their contrasts, are still unified. With Fragments separate, strongly shaped elements are placed on, over or next to one another in such a way that a balanced composition is obtained. The artist as a composer.

In recent years he has principally worked on Fragments. He searches for an arrangement of shapes and colours that offer tension and depth. Details play an important role. He collects all sorts of things that he finds and which at some point could be useful to him. They vary from a piece of paper on the ground to a small packet of sugar, flattened tins, pieces of lace, cake mats, postcards and cuttings from magazines. All these elements are small bits of information, memories, signs of a time.

Innovation is an essential condition for Joep Bergmans. It intrigues him to create something that is unknown to him. He also strives for monumentality: expressiveness conjured up because varying parts and colours still form a unit or because strong, simple shapes have been used. He also believes that spatiality and mobility are important in a painting.

Innovation, monumentality, spatiality, mobility. All stimulated by an apparently simple game of abstracted lines and shapes. See here a summary in Twitter format on Joep Bergmans’ paintings. Or, as he says himself, something ...with nothing.

Matt Dings